A New Breed of Consultants

A New Breed of Consultants

Aliter Practitioners Define “Consulting Beyond Concept”

This article is one of a series of conversations with Aliter practitioners who relate their experiences and explain why Aliter support adds value beyond simply recommending conceptual solutions.

Aliter people are a cross section of experts with direct experiences of working in the financial services industry at investment management firms and asset servicing providers. Unlike management consulting generalists, this resourceful culture of seasoned practitioners applies their firsthand experience as previous leaders of front, middle and back-office operations to add greater value as they work alongside clients to actually implement the solutions they recommend.

The definition of ALITER, “In a different way”, accurately describes our firm on four key levels.  Our philosophy, process, practices, and people clearly differentiate Aliter from other management consulting firms.  

We know this because we’re industry professionals who previously led cross-functional teams within investment management firms and asset servicing providers across our industry and around the globe.

Indeed, we have firsthand experience with sitting across the table from representatives from the leading management consulting firms and being in the shoes and scenarios of the same types of professionals who are now our clients.    

In this article, we share our unique perspective of how Aliter people, process and practices add value by providing consulting beyond concept.

How We Define & Provide Consulting Beyond Concept

We are Practitioners First and Consultants Second

Our experience as practitioners in the industry is what makes Aliter unique.  Every professional that makes up the Aliter team grew up in the industry and has years of experience in all facets of the investment management lifecycle.  We are not trained consultants but bring the expertise necessary to navigate and be successful in the consultant role. We have a rich and varied background which makes us a highly skilled and diverse team that provides more than just consulting, we provide solutions.

We are Self-contained Subject Matter Experts

Aliter is a community of talented experts who draw on each other’s strengths and experiences to address our client’s needs.  Our rich and diverse backgrounds provide us insight into how our clients operate, understanding, often even before themselves, where they require assistance. We have a disciplined approach and seek to utilize the knowledge capital from within to deliver results to our clients.  Our breadth of experience across the industry allows us to look within and collaborate to find solutions.

We Value Results Over Reports 

Aliter is focused on results.  Although we create and deliver reporting for all projects our focus is on content.  We listen and collaborate with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and deliver results that align with those needs.  We look at our engagements as an opportunity to produce results throughout, not just a final product.

We Take Responsibility for Our Solutions 

We don’t just consult; we roll up our sleeves and work in partnership with our clients on solutions. We help clients get their projects over the goal line by not only providing consulting services, but also assisting with the actual work.  We listen to their needs, formulate a plan and act on it. We do not think of ourselves as an outside consultant or contractor rather an extension of their team.