Our Story

Leading Change in Another Way

Aliter, meaning “in another way”, is a boutique management consulting firm founded in response to the market need for more efficient and effective consulting engagements that add value, adhere to schedule, and result in high-quality deliverables.

We empower investment management firms and asset servicing providers to transform their processes, operations and technology as they position for successful transition and growth.  Aliter services include Business Transformation and Redesign, Technology Strategy and Implementation  and Outsourcing Analysis & Integration.

Our actively-involved founders are industry veterans based in Boston, MA.  Our team of regional and worldwide staff leverage our unique brand of practical industry expertise, resources and a proven methodology of discipline, structure and transparency as we partner with clients to develop and deploy solutions to improve their performance and transform their operation.

“We have leveraged and evolved the best of the traditional and boutique consulting firms to offer a fit for purpose solution that is unique to our industry.”

Our Values

The greatest testament of our customer loyalty is that our clients consider us their partner, not their vendor.


We embody the highest level of integrity to deliver objective and creative solutions that serve as a catalyst for breakthrough performance.

Aliter is a trusted advisor who is respected for our unwavering commitment.  We do not follow a script or an agenda, we work in a way that assures the end-customer succeeds.  We provide our clients the ability to do things better, faster and more thorough because we equip them with the right information they need to make decisions. 

We embody integrity by consistently being independent, reviewing the facts and remaining committed to the solution for the client.  Our consultants carefully listen and thoughtfully review opposing views.  We respectfully challenge the status quo and encourage our clients to look at things from a different perspective, even when it may be risky and uncomfortable.  We help clients navigate and build consensus by evaluating the facts objectively.  

Our seasoned consultants anticipate what may go wrong, based on our vast experience, and proactively address issues before they occur.  We have developed various control points to ensure continuous progress and defend against program delays.  We make sure that the things that can go wrong are minimized and the things that can go right are optimized.


An innovator with deep asset management and servicing expertise who is changing how consulting is defined and leveraged across the industry.

The Aliter Approach is a unique brand of management consulting for the investment industry.  We support clients in a significantly different way than traditional consulting engagements.  Aliter offers comprehensive services that enable investment managers and asset servicing providers to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Traditional ConsultingThe Aliter Approach
  • Is project-based and client-driven
  • Is customer focused with agreed upon milestones and deliverables
  • Requires multiple resources to meet deliverables
  • Assigns fit for purpose resources to meet client needs
  • Involves high rates and often inflexible contracts
  • Offers flexible, scalable rates based on project complexity and timing
  • Accountability sits solely with the client
  • Establishes joint accountability; we succeed or fail with our clients
  • Inconsistent quality and pockets of knowledge
  • Ensures consistent knowledge transfer and documentation
  • Missed deadlines are often overlooked
  • Proactively plans and communicates to ensure milestones are achieved


A unique and diverse organization that empowers and inspires all of its’ constituencies to ascend to new levels.

Effective consultation demands empowerment of the people who deliver and receive it.  We actively engage our team and our clients and equip them to execute their roles as we mutually facilitate successful business transformation.   

We empower our team with custom developed in-house training that aligns with our guiding values to ensure that clients gain consistent experiences throughout all interactions and engagements.  

We empower our clients to facilitate their own success by providing them with tools and processes to ensure immediate and future goals are met.


A trusted thought leader and partner who brings empathy, understanding and caring to our engagements and interactions without exception

Through our first-hand experience of working within the investment industry, we have personally witnessed the challenges and concerns that surround business transition and growth. This experience enables us to authentically empathize with the various perspectives and reactions of all members of our clients’ teams.  

First, we seek to compassionately understand each client’s unique situation, challenges and objectives.  Then we earn trust as we become an extension of their team, and share our deep investment-industry experience, resources, and proven methodology.

As your trusted management consultant, we are vested in your success, and become your comprehensive resource as your firm transforms and grows.  We also provide you with valuable access to consultants beyond your assigned engagement team.