Outsourcing Analysis & Integration

With our breadth of expertise in operations and technology, Aliter works with managers and providers to transform their business in an organized and efficient manner via:

  • Insourcing/outsourcing strategy
  • Service provider evaluation and selection
  • Due diligence
  • SLA’s, TSA’s
  • Migration planning, program management and governance
  • Project planning including mergers & acquisitions

Below is a sample of the relevant experience and services that our team has supported. 

Investment Management Outsourcing

Led a large middle and back-office outsourcing effort for a fully in-housed investment manager to a leading industry service provider.  Those services included fund administration, data management, performance, ABOR, IBOR, trade support, pricing, corporate actions, and data management.  We developed and implemented a future state operating and technology model for the client.  We defined oversight requirements and identified opportunities to implement best practices.    

Investment Manager Service Provider Transition

Managed the service provider transition for a large industry leading investment manager.  The engagement scope included project management, workstream development, driving the conversion, and providing subject matter expertise.  The transition included service locations across the globe; including Boston, London, Luxembourg, and Dublin.  We developed project plans, led business analysis, and drove plan execution and conversion efforts.  Services included fund accounting, custody, financial reporting, reconciliations, and investment recordkeeping.

Middle Office Outsourcing

Developed the middle-office oversight and governance model for one of the largest asset managers in financial services; outsourced middle-office functions and technology to an industry leading service provider.  Business requirements and functional specifications for technology builds and implementation were created.  We documented detailed procedures to support the transformation and training of staff.  We constructed new workflows between the client and service provider to minimize the duplication of efforts and establish a best-of-breed oversight relationship. 

We bring industry perspective, best practices, and independence to help the client with the transition and implementation of their future state operating model.