Business Transformation & Redesign

Aliter provides its clients the opportunity to better focus on their core strategies by helping them to create scalability and efficiency in their target operating model.  This is accomplished through a disciplined approach which includes:

  • Current state analysis and documentation
  • Risk assessment
  • Operating model development
  • Business process redesign
  • Vendor and investment oversight
  • Project management
  • Process streamlining

Below is a sample of the relevant experience and services that our team has supported.

Investment Workflow Integration

Supported the process redesign of investment activities for a large investment manager and service provider relationship following a recent global outsourcing initiative.  The effort included working with the investment accounting team to prioritize their activities to meet the investment reporting deadlines and creating updated checklists to coincide with the new sequencing of investment activity and transactions.  The team identified additional tasks and reports to further leverage the capabilities of the investment systems.  The engagement led to significant efficiencies which in turn shortened their timeline, allowing them adequate time to meet reporting deadlines.

Fund Accounting Control Review

Conducted a review of fund accounting processes and controls for an industry leading custodian and asset servicing provider.  Work included the detailed analysis of exception-based workflow tools to validate NAV production on a daily basis.  Identified gaps and inefficiencies for ‘quick hit’ resolutions as well as developed a strategic plan for further automation and system enhancements.  The team redesigned control and validation checks against fund activity, including setting appropriate tolerances and addressing key risk areas.  

We work with our clients to establish an efficient process to complete tasks and execute the project plan.